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Operational Support Brigade - Victor Harbor CFS

The Victor Harbor Group Operational Support Brigade (Ops Support) was established as a formal CFS Brigade in 2010, having been in the planning and development stage by the Victor CFS Group for several years prior.

Who are the members of Ops Support Brigade?

The Ops Support Brigade membership is made up of both active and retired operational fire-fighters, as well as those who have no previous fire-fighting experience.   

Purpose of Ops Support Brigade

The purpose of the Ops Brigade is to provide support to the operational management of larger or more complex incidents responded to by the Group and its Brigades.  This support is in the general form of communications, administration and logistics support.  


The Ops Support Brigade has an appointed Captain as well as other elected Officers. The Ops Support Brigade acts under the direction of the Group Officer, the Group Duty Officer or the established command under an incident management team (IMT).  

Some of the tasks provided by the Ops Support Brigade which give support to CFS crews during an incident include:

  1. Radio communication and logging (recording) of significant events.

  2. Source additional equipment needed for operations, such as bulldozers or loaders.

  3. Conduct paging (SAGRN) as requested by Incident Control.

  4. Provide welfare/catering for fire-fighters engaged at incident.

  5. Assist and provide weather forecasts and mapping requests.

  6. Liaison with Regional and other CFS personal.

  7. Supply local knowledge and support and incoming IMT.

  8. Assist with the dispatch of Strike Teams from the Group to other areas.


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